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Diez on the Lahn

Netherlands We find the Netherlands very interesting in terms of how innovative it is in responding to new challenges. Formerly associated with flowers, painters, windmills and cheese, today the liberal country stands for new future technologies like algae cultivation near The Hague for CO2 reduction, new hydraulic engineering architecture in Amsterdam because of sea level rise, and much more. Whether in the education sector or from the tax system, in the unbureaucratic handling of all things much can be learned here.

Netherlands As sports enthusiasts, we are also fascinated by the sporting spectrum of this small country: whether ice skating, martial arts, soccer or track and field, everywhere there are athletes who belong to the world's best. Yes, and last but not least, of course, bicycle and coffee shop country. A bustling people, with which one can identify themself 🙂. Almost 800 km by car to drive through to the Netherlands we consider stress, which further subtracts from the already too short vacation and decide to make a stopover in Diez on the Lahn to get some fresh air and exercise.

Netherlands The weather proved us right, after check-in at the beautifully located Grafenschloss-Youth Hostel we hike the trail along the Lahn River. A very idyllic, but a little too narrow hiking trail to avoid too enthusiastic cyclists. But good exercise already times for the actual bicycle nation. With blue skies and beautiful reflections of autumnal flora in the river, we reach Balduinstein. In the beer garden next to the coffee house Stellwerk then finally the longed for Radler.

Netherlands But it quickly becomes chilly at the river, so we promptly tackle the way back. Happens more often when pilgrimage or hiking than when driving, that you did not know before that there is the place at all and then you end up in a beautiful spot of earth 🙂. We then take a look at the small city center of the former residence city, which is dominated by the Grafenschloss Castle. Arriving hungry, we went to dinner.

Netherlands As is often the case in youth hostels, a bit stressful between queuing and shouting, there was nevertheless a super dinner menu. Paul had to urgently practice social media, we let the day end with a few beers. From time to time a bunch of kids ran by, whose parents were surely doing the same. Youth hostel, that's how it is 🙂.


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