The route makes you who you are.

Professional finding

Tilo Rabs After an odyssey through various educations and jobs, i worked most of the time in construction as a tunnel builder, later as a carpenter. After work, i made up my high school graduation at the evening high school in Chemnitz and then began my studies i.a. in Philosophy and Ancient History at the TU Chemnitz. Meanwhile, there was a growing interest in information technology and i visited some computer science lectures. After finishing my university degree, i attended some IT seminars with a focus on programming and took my MCP exam in C# (Certificate). Then I taught freelance in educational institutions and programmed for a medium-sized company. I work at WBS Training AG since 2009, first as a lecturer, then as an administrator, and now as a programmer.


My balance to my job is to be on the move, on the move in nature. Pilgrimage, hiking, less often package tours, the main thing is to soften the tunnel vision of everyday life a little, take a breath of bits and bytes, of taxes and appointments. I don't need a lot to be lucky: a little money in the pocket and a backpack, you will discover things that you have forgotten in everyday life. Besides, I love to program, you always get instant feedback if you did something right. There is only yes or no, without any excessively excuses or explanations. A few current projects can be found here. Partly the opposite, more abstract and more general, is philosophy. Here one can ask non-everyday questions to the world, verify or reject ideas, one is free to think. A few german texts can be found here. Other interests are rather unspecific, I am curious about everything interesting and try to preserve that.

I have no special talent, I am just passionately curious. Albert Einstein

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