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Arrival in Porto

Caminho português We had only 12 days due to work, so we chose the route from Porto to Santiago. If one has more time, you can also start the Caminho Português in Lisbon (about 600 km). Another often walked variant is the Caminho Português da Costa (coastal path). In between there are a handful of variations (Espiritual, da Braga, etc.). By train we arrived at the airport Berlin Schönefeld. In the evening our Boeing 737 took off for Porto.

Caminho português It was a clear evening, no clouds clouded the view during the flight. As we flew over Paris, you could even see the illuminated Eiffel Tower. The airport is 12 km outside Porto in Maia, we wanted to walk to Porto the next day. It was already almost midnight, so we took the Park Hotel Porto Aeroporto near the airport. But there was still a nightcap beer 🙂.

Maia - Porto

Caminho português After breakfast, we first went through the suburbs of Porto, as with many big cities not so tingly to walk, but it went well. The portuguese drive carefully and footpaths were present throughout. The weather meant well and we made fast progress. First pilgrims met us.

Caminho português We ourselves were already warmed up, had made the previous weekend only a proper test hike (mountain test Wehlen: 38 km, 1400 meters altitude). Porto itself has about the size of Chemnitz (about 240000 inhabitants) and is located on the Rio Douro, which flows not far from the city center into the Atlantic. Arrived in time, we explored the city, our youth hostel Porto Pousada Juventude opens only 18 o'clock. We had already received a city map as a gift at the airport. At the Cathedral (Sé do Porto) we got the first pilgrim stamp (Carimbo) and after enjoying the view from there over the city we went downhill to the river. There the life pulsates at the promenade, in cafes. I also let the sun shine on my belly, while Manu ran again to the cathedral and on the big bridge, the Ponte Dom Luis I.

Caminho português The time until the hostel opening was then also passed quickly, we still had to walk a bit in the direction of the Douro estuary. Arrived, we checked in and went to eat in a restaurant across the street. A beautiful rainbow let our 1st day end.

Caminho português

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