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Lake garda - Monte Baldo - Cremona

Cinque Terre For a long time we wanted to hike the 5 typically colorful coastal villages in Liguria, not a very long distance, so we took that in a vacation week in attack. The Monte Baldo was on our arrival route at Lake Garda, so it offered itself to hike the wonderful view up there. After traveling through Austria in sunny weather, we arrived in Bardolino on Lake Garda in the afternoon. Quickly to the hotel, dropped luggage, then we went directly along the promenade to Garda. The business in the fall kept within limits, so we walked relaxed towards the sunset.

Cinque Terre In the morning we drove to Malcesine to hike up Monte Baldo. The climb is quite steep, about 1815 meters of altitude over 11 km. First it went along streets through the town, then longer on hiking trails through the forest. Through the beautiful panaroma of forest clearings you can weave in many breaks. Over wide ways led the last meters with sunshine past meadows. Brilliant views opened up. At the top it was, despite almost clear weather, quite chilly. On the way to the cable car some paragliders took off. After taking the cable car back to town, we visited the 13th century Castello Scaligero with its distinctive dovetail battlements. Finally we enjoyed the beautiful light conditions in Malcesine at the water of the lake.

Cinque Terre The next day, in cloudy weather, we first went to the city of the great violin makers - Cremona. In the old town we visited the Piazza del Comune with the magnificent Cathedral, the bell tower and the baptistery. We hiked along the Po River for a while before continuing on congested highways toward Cinque Terre. After Parma the highway led to the Apennines, a thunderstorm broke over us. Finally in Levanto, we first checked into our hotel, which was a bit out of town and had a wonderful view of the bay. Then we explored the town by the sea. The next morning the weather was better, but we learned that some of the beach paths of the Cinque Terre were closed due to frequent storms in recent years.

Levanto - Monterosso - Vernazza

Cinque Terre However, one could avoid those on mountain paths. Since some routes are subject to a fee, we immediately got the Cinque Terre Card at the local train station. With it we could run the routes and take the train home. So we went first to Monterosso. Passing olive trees, fig trees and cacti, the path slowly climbs. Again and again you have beautiful views of the cliffs and back to Levanto. Near the ruins of the hermitage of Sant'Antonio of Mesco you have a unique view of the unique view of the whole coast. Then begins the descent to Monterosso over some rocky steps. In the small village there is the only bigger sandy beach of the Cinque Terre, adorned by a large boulder.

Cinque Terre We paused here for an hour before heading to Vernazza. An ascending road along the cliff leads out of the bay. Passing vineyards, it goes uphill, later it becomes more level. Between the Mediterranean vegetation there are always wonderful views over the sea. At the end, countless stairs lead downhill, then the valley opens up and through the trees you have a wonderful view of Vernazza. We walked a round through the narrow streets, then to the harbor, where the waves broke with a roar on the boulders lying here. Meanwhile, the sun was setting on the Italian Riviera.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

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